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Step 1, Horizon – step 2, flexibility

Resilience is another of these interesting words in fashion at the moment. A quick search on and I hit more than 63 million pages in just about 43 seconds (Avril 2017). WOW! Definitely in fashion. The word itself sounds a bit like “resistance” or “endurance”, however the “l” in it, gives a bit of a smoothness and Continue reading Step 1, Horizon – step 2, flexibility

When your MINDSET is playing games…

What’s the catch? Cool sentence, right? somewhere straight out of the latest spies novel, the good guys have finally found a way to move forward, still they know, there may be a catch… It’s simply too good to be true… and I am not talking winning prize, I’m talking about this catch or double bind we sometimes create… with our mindset.

Mindset is one of this very cognitive word, intangible. You can’t grab a mindset. You can’t draw a mindset. You can’t look at it.

Still it is here, a word which means everything and nothing, and has became very fashionable. In English, mindset means “a set mind” or

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Intuition, intuition…

reflection001I often talk about the importance of autonomy; but “What is really autonomy?” How do we achieve autonomy?” “What makes autonomy important?”

 Looking at linguistics information, I am finding the following definition for autonomy: “the freedom from external control or influence; independence.” I particularly like this notion of freedom from external control or influence. What about the internal influence then? This is nothing new to any of us, at times, we may

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Get on the RAFTS!

cartoon036A few sentences resonate in my mind, this morning like a soft promising music:

“Not knowing what the rules were, I was free to innovate (…). Our long-term patterns of flexible home-working and remote management came about not just from theoretical idealism but also from a practical necessity. They evolved because they were what worked. Paying for work done rather than hours worked made it easier to cost projects in advance; trusting people to manage their own time was not just effective but considerably easier than trying to keep control of every details of every project remotely.”

“Compared with a conventional company, we were treating our free lancers like adults: trusting them, as intelligent, motivated people, to make the best use of the available to them in order to achieve the goals they had been set.”

“(…) what we called a dual-management system.”

Yes, a soft promising music with recurrent notes in the main melody: R.A.F.T.S like respect, Continue reading Get on the RAFTS!

Your own SPIRAL of growth

cartoon025How often have you heard “people are resistant to change”?

Whenever you hear it, I dare you happily to challenge that statement; and I would easily add : “It’s not the change people are resisting, it’s the ownership of the change and the fact of not having a saying in the decision leading to that change”.

If you are a movie-addict like me, you may have seen a movie called “Two days, one night”. This notion of ownership of change is beautifully shown across that story. Sandra, a young mother, discovers that her co-workers have opted for a significant pay bonus leading to her dismissal. On hearing the news, she retreats in a state of passivity and panic however her husband and two of her friends motivate her to take action, something that seems like a desperate action but still is an action: visiting each of her co-workers to ask them to review their decision. On the following Monday morning, even though not enough of her co-worker support her staying as an employee, enough do for her management to review their strategy: they agree to keep her under a specific condition, which happens not to be acceptable to Sandra, and she refuses it. Yes after all her effort to keep her job and to succeed at it, she refuses it, calm, determined, strong and very clear headed. What makes such a drastic change in her reaction between the moment she heard the news and that meeting with her boss? The situation is the same, she is still out of job but now she has taken ownership of the situation; she has taken back control of the change and this change imposed onto her becomes a change she chooses.

Nowadays, when I think of change, I tend to replace it with “evolution” and to look at it easily, I am using the “Spiral model of coaching” where we have:

S                 Situation / Spirit & Aspiration

P                Progressing / Planning

I                  Implementation / Innovation

R                Reacting / Relaxing

A                Attention / Addition

L                 Looking anew / Looking ahead


3 THINGS for you to do THIS WEEK to start your OWN SPIRAL of GROWTH

  • S for SITUATION – Set a moment aside to look around: Where you are? What’s going on? Who is around you? Let your mind do the 360˚ feedback of your day.
  • S for SPIRIT and ASPIRATION – Take several deep breaths and get out in the open air then look around: What do you have on the horizons? Do you like it? Do you see an horizon?
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