Dynamic keynotes for dynamic times

A dreamer -A passionate -A humanitarian -A cartoonist -A continuous learner -A mindset strategist -A fanatic about public speaking –A fanatic about self-leadership -An author -A coach -A people lover -An innovator -A fanatic about movement -A humorist -An outdoor person -A passionate for simplicity -A lover of life -I am just someone like you who wants to make a difference for the better in our beautiful world.

I have a motto at times, hidden in words…

Hum… words, words, words, they are our friends as much as our enemies. They are ours as much as others. They can free us or trap us into silver or gold cocoons. They are my love as much as my teacher. Listen… they are talking with you, now, the words in you head, the ones in your heart and the ones in the wind. They know about humor, simplicity, transformation, smiles, laughter and dreams. They are wild beast. Tame them and they can give you your dreams.

I have a story as well, drawn in zigzag curves.

Straight lines only exist in romantic comedy and mathematics. Life writes itself on zigzag, curves, drop and jumps. That’s simple, when you want to climb a mountain to be on top of your day, straight lines are never the best option. Enjoy the journey, the stops, the races, each step is a dance, each is your choice, each step is your curse and your success, each step is a word on the story of your life.

And yes I am proud to be a Mindset Strategist, and an expert in Self-Leadership.

Now, to assist you moving forward… I could tell you “how fantastic you are” “how you can believe in yourself” “how you can achieve anything you set your mind on” and sell you success on a dream. I could share with you many methodologies, new ones, old ones, redeveloped ones, renamed one, rediscovered ones. I could add a touch of neurosciences and research, making complicate something very straight forward and simple; not always easy though but simple.

Or I could simply tell you the truth with two points

  1. Be ready for the long haul JOURNEY, what we are looking for are long term benefits and effects
  2. Be ready to start with two key elements:  HORIZON and MOVEMENT.

Why HORIZON? You can achieve as much as you put your heart into, if you have no idea what directions you are heading to… It’s like building a bridge by throwing randomly pebbles into a river… it’s not working.

Why MOVEMENT? Ask your beating heart? It will confirm it: life is about movement, our body is about movement, emotions are about movement, and without movement, it quickly becomes like stagnant water.

And you know what, those two, Horizon and Movement, are simply elements of SELF-LEADERSHIP. Correct, it’s all about SELF-LEADERSHIP.

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