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Helping you to build tomorrow

Are you a driven entrepreneur? A dynamic business owner? I can imagine the pain you are going through as our traditional ways to do business has come to a temporary halt. I can help you and your team rethink efficiency, address these new complexities and uncertainties, and prepare for post-covid19. This is one of my… Continue reading Helping you to build tomorrow

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Reinventions, 21st Century and Self-Leadership

You know sometimes when you have a WOW moment. It just happened today, as I close Yuval Noah Harari book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.  And that WOW moment is all about self-leadership, especially about realizing what makes me feel so strong about the subject itself, and that sense of urgency I had in… Continue reading Reinventions, 21st Century and Self-Leadership

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Step 1: Horizon. Step 2: Flexibility

Resilience is another of these interesting words in fashion at the moment. A quick search on and I hit more than 63 million pages in just about 43 seconds (Avril 2017). WOW! Definitely in fashion. The word itself sounds a bit like “resistance” or “endurance”, however the “l” in it, gives a bit of… Continue reading Step 1: Horizon. Step 2: Flexibility

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When your MINDSET is playing games…

What's the catch? Cool sentence, right? somewhere straight out of the latest spies novel, the good guys have finally found a way to move forward, still they know, there may be a catch... It's simply too good to be true... and I am not talking winning prize, I'm talking about this catch or double bind… Continue reading When your MINDSET is playing games…

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Speak like a fish: discover our 90 minutes practice workshop

Inspired by Henry Ford... “Either you are a public speaker, or you are not, whatever you choose, you are right… in the middle of public interactions.” The same way we cannot not communicate, we cannot not do public speaking. Following our series Speak like a fish, time to dive in with some 90 minutes practice… Continue reading Speak like a fish: discover our 90 minutes practice workshop