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Why thinking team coaching?

To move further than the group of people working together and to assist this group of people to become a real team focused on creating value, and creating partnership for shaping the future.

“It is the Purpose that creates the team not the team the need and the purpose is already out there in the world waiting for a team to respond.” Peter Hawkins 2020

“Teaming behaviour is often at odds with the demands of formal organizational structures, which divide people by speciality and focus more of their attention on bosses than on peer .” Amy Edmondson, “Teaming” p.83

Leadership is moving from vertical me, my team, my division, my organisation to horizontal creating partnership working across boundaries.” Peter Hawkins, “Tomorrow’s Leadership and the Necessary Revolution in Today’s Leadership Development”

“In teams everyone takes responsibility for their own and everyone else’s performance, learning and well being.” David Clutterbuck