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Step 1, Horizon – step 2, flexibility

Resilience is another of these interesting words in fashion at the moment. A quick search on google.com and I hit more than 63 million pages in just about 43 seconds (Avril 2017). WOW! Definitely in fashion. The word itself sounds a bit like “resistance” or “endurance”, however the “l” in it, gives a bit of a smoothness and Continue reading Step 1, Horizon – step 2, flexibility

When your MINDSET is playing games…

What’s the catch? Cool sentence, right? somewhere straight out of the latest spies novel, the good guys have finally found a way to move forward, still they know, there may be a catch… It’s simply too good to be true… and I am not talking winning prize, I’m talking about this catch or double bind we sometimes create… with our mindset.

Mindset is one of this very cognitive word, intangible. You can’t grab a mindset. You can’t draw a mindset. You can’t look at it.

Still it is here, a word which means everything and nothing, and has became very fashionable. In English, mindset means “a set mind” or

Continue reading When your MINDSET is playing games…