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Get on the RAFTS!

A few sentences resonate in my mind, this morning like a soft promising music: “Not knowing what the rules were, I was free to innovate (…). Our long-term patterns of flexible home-working and remote management came about not just from theoretical idealism but also from a practical necessity. They evolved because they were what worked.… Continue reading Get on the RAFTS!

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20, 30, 40? all new beginnings

I’ve got great news for you: twenty -OK, let’s be nice: twenty-five- is no longer the end of the world! With our life expectancy increasing every year, I have to say that’s a relief. Imagine… rather than imagine just do the math for a moment: about 95 years life expectancy, of which 25 years of… Continue reading 20, 30, 40? all new beginnings

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Take a break and strengthen the expert!

There is a fashion it seems… rush, create, produce, do, shoot, run, jump, miss a breath, develop, bolt, generate, sprint, race… something like an “RRR” effect. Yes, “RRR” as easy as “Rush, Run, Race.” At times it fully makes sense. At times acceleration is the way to go, spot on and needed, especially when you… Continue reading Take a break and strengthen the expert!

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Survival is not Mandatory

Sometimes ago I came across these two great quotes -one from W. Edwards Deming, an economist from the 20th century: “It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” and –one from Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher from way back in the history of time, centuries and centuries ago, “Change is the only constant”. It’s a… Continue reading Survival is not Mandatory