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Intuition, intuition…

I often talk about the importance of autonomy; but “What is really autonomy?” How do we achieve autonomy?” “What makes autonomy important?”  Looking at linguistics information, I am finding the following definition for autonomy: "the freedom from external control or influence; independence." I particularly like this notion of freedom from external control or influence. What… Continue reading Intuition, intuition…

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A simple foundation to any bridges

Summer 2011, I am taking some time off travelling and learning. I have just finished my NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) Master Practitioner training in the US, and heading off to New Zealand to meet with a few folks using NLP to address post-traumatic stress disorder. I have that sudden hunger eating me alive… I want… Continue reading A simple foundation to any bridges

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The Spiral model of coaching

That’s it. I can’t resist any longer. The temptation smells too strong like a Canadian insect repellent along a lost lake in a summer evening. I can even see it far away in the horizon, the path I have been following for quite some times. You see, some people cannot resist the fame and the… Continue reading The Spiral model of coaching

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It’s all about partnership

Ok, ok, ok, you’re right, I am a bit of fanatic and it would probably not be a week without my internet browser surfing there on my behalf prompting me to watch new talks or an old favorite of mine. And the famous ted talk from Sir Ken Robinson on education remains on my… Continue reading It’s all about partnership