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Reinventions, 21st Century and Self-Leadership

You know sometimes when you have a WOW moment. It just happened today, as I close Yuval Noah Harari book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.  And that WOW moment is all about self-leadership, especially about realizing what makes me feel so strong about the subject itself, and that sense of urgency I had in wanting to bring tools to people around me to develop their self-leadership. Great news, the tool is coming up this May with the publication of Swim Like a Fish, an easy guide to developing Self-Leadership.

But let’s go back to this WOW moment?

And to tell you more, let me start with three quotes from 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

To stay relevant – not just economically but above all socially – you will need the ability to constantly learn and to reinvent yourself.”

“Most of important of all will be the ability to deal with change, to learn new things, and to preserver your mental balance in unfamiliar situations.”

“As noted earlier, behavioural economist and evolutionary psychologist have demonstrated that most human decisions are based on emotional reactions and heuristic shortcuts rather than on rational analysis, and that while our emotions and heuristics were perhaps suitable for dealing with life in the Sone Age, they are woefully inadequate in the Silicon Age.”

Cool quotes, right? What is even cooler, is knowing that self-leadership is exactly what we need to address the three points above. Our worlds are no longer as easily defined as black and white. Our notion of self is no longer as it used to be. For instance our technologies are allowing us to be in several places at the same time in our mind. In this constant environment hugely un-constant, what is making a difference is our capability in having an amazing strong mental stability in who we are, what we can do or where are you heading to.  And this is what we develop every time we increase our self-leadership.

Swim Like a Fish, an easy guide to developing Self-Leadership, is coming out this MAY. Stay tuned.