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Get on the RAFTS!

A few sentences resonate in my mind, this morning like a soft promising music: “Not knowing what the rules were, I was free to innovate (…). Our long-term patterns of flexible home-working and remote management came about not just from theoretical idealism but also from a practical necessity. They evolved because they were what worked.… Continue reading Get on the RAFTS!

Oups... Are you serious?

When Marketers play the GPS card

Words build our maps of communication. A well chosen words is like a good compass, it gives direction. It ensures no one gets lost in the mist of communication. A good sentence is like a road to follow, and an overused sentence? I guess a  motorway. Unfortunately our brain loves driving on those motorways; they… Continue reading When Marketers play the GPS card

Oups... Are you serious?

Unhuman by proxy opens her eyes. Connected is the word today. 1, 2, 3, 4 bipping alerts and notifications already and her eyes are still hesitating between sleep and reality –satisfaction- the world is still running, the proof, that latest news notification from several apps, each of them fighting to be the first one with what could… Continue reading Unhuman by proxy

Oups... Are you serious?

Human by proxy

8pm… tears down, rolling fast, dressing up the skin of my cheeks with waterfalls, like a light curtain unfolding. Outside is no better. I hear the wind fighting with the window, banging its head against the glass; I hear the rain escaping in the night; I hear the drop exploding from my cheek to my… Continue reading Human by proxy