Oups... Are you serious?

Living abroad…

I was asked recently, ‘immigration is a tough thing, right? tell me how difficult is it to live abroad?’ Euh…. was my first reply…. My mind simply blanked out, stroke by the many presuppositions of that sentence, you know those words… tough or difficult… was I looking so bad that day? not to deserve a simple open question like ‘hey love, how is it to live abroad?’ that would have gotten me started for sure and probably running on hours and hours. It must have been my hair -Yes, I’ve decided lately to be my own hairdresser- that must be it, and indeed it is a tough thing to find a new hairdresser abroad. There is simply no international convention when it comes to hairdressing. Immigration on the other hand can be simple, most of the time we chose to immigrate,. Of course you always have the paper work, but in my case within Europe, a piece of cake. That would be different if I was to go to Australia since there I have already stamped an expiration date on their visa process… hum… not that good. You know it all links to what you want. And me, at the moment, it is really to live in a different environment, and let me tell you, eleven years in Ireland, and still, some surprises over here on the social front… not to mention… but, oh yeah, that’s not the question. I believe in most cases it’s harder for the people you live behind. When you’re the one going, you know you have plenty of things to discover, new landscapes to see, new people to meet, while at home it’s all about relearning reality and see it with another light. And you know what, that’s a fantastic skills, to rediscover your reality regularly, without even travelling.

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