Oups... Are you serious?

Relearning reality…

What about then that relearning of reality? Such a good question, as I turn and turn in my kitchen, a cup of tea in my hand and no cookies to go with it. You see one of my best friends has just moved back to Glasgow, and with her taken away our Friday morning coffee break and the cookies. Damn… She was the one in charge of the cookies, and though the shop is not that far, there is still no cookies in my kitchen, just me, that cup of tea, and… of course that daily relearning of reality, that daily quest for something special. Now, I am one of those people that thrilled on finding differences, and you could be one exhilarated by finding the sameness, the things that never change, and that’s fine, just open your eyes and let them stretched out so that they picked up everything around, like that morning light shining on those grey clouds, or last night rain still shining on the grass, or the song of the wind on the few remaining leaves you’re leave-reading through the window. Just let those eyes stretch around and they will soon find something you had not noticed, like that same blue colour on the car parked two houses away, or that little cat stepping for the first time on my terrace, leopard style. And you know what he is just on time for Friday morning coffee break.

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