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The true meaning of can’t…

There is many words I hear often over here in Dublin -colloquial expression I loved -or that famous f word, like a good regular beat in any decent sentences -weather… oh yes, another favourite in the top 10 -or craic, you know in ‘what’s the craic here?’ -of course Guinness, that good old friend -and… can’t… like ‘you can’t wear that yellow trousers, it’s way too bright for Ireland’ -as if, honestly, bright was, at that time, the only issue with my yellow trouser. How often when new subject come into conversations, do you hear the reply such as ‘I could not do that?’ ‘You can’t be serious…’ and… actually I can at times, but that’s not the point. The point is rather an interesting thing, like the true meaning of ‘can’t’. It’s simply another way to say ‘can do the process of not’, so when you say ‘you can’t’, you actually mean ‘you can’, ‘you can do that process of not.’ Nice, isn’t it? because now, you know that you can every time.

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