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Live with a smile

Image from ashadeofpen.wordpress.com
Image from ashadeofpen.wordpress.com

There is a reason you want to live with a smile, and you want a genuine smile, one of this smile about to break in a laugh, your eyes smiling way more than your lips. This is the secret of the so-called genuine smile, having your eyes smile to the world… now you may or you may not decide to smile spontaneously, still you know than smiling is taking way less energy than other expressions. A smile simply engages less muscle activities, unless you settle for the neutral face… but I bet you keeping a neutral face all day is a lot of work. Smile is easier. And there is more to it… Paul Ekman, while studying smiles in 1993, identified something like 12 different smiles and discovered than a voluntary genuine smile, which he called the ‘Duchenne smile’ or the ‘D-Smile’, was generating activity in the brain similar to activities generated by happiness. This is the same concept than Laughter Yoga, creating the expression until your body feel the emotions, generating the expected positive effect. So… here we go… D-Day, D-Smile!

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