Oups... Are you serious?

Blink… and maybe think.

Here we go, after many requests the first book review in this added series, and for the opening post let’s jump in with Malcolm Gladwell and Blink. And yes it is not an NLP book as such still it supports the NLP attitude…

Blink takes you nicely through a journey in the land of ‘gut feelings’. Starting from ‘the famous statue that did no look right’ to the selection of candidates in the classical music world, via the great work of Paul Ekman on facial expressions, the book explores this notion we all have about ‘gut feelings.’ But what is it really? What are those hunches we have from time to time? how accurate are they? How much should we listen to them? Can they be wrong? Full of interested anecdotes and data, Blink asks you to think about thinking. Reading with the NLP attitude, Blink becomes an added support to the NLP communication model. We know our conscious mind received 100% of the information while our conscious mind process only about 0.1% of this information. These ‘gut feelings’ are the impression or decision we make based on the information known by our unconscious mind. We may able at some point to become aware of it, however that’s not always necessary. This aligns to the current research by Dr. Gerard Hogkinson on the role of the unconscious mind in decision making, in business as well as in daily life situation. Going an extra mile, Blink also look at the power of what we already know as an impediment to correctly use those ‘gut feelings’, in another world, the power of ‘our model of the world’ in interpreting the information we received. An enjoyable read that will make you think! and develop this famous awareness!

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