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When everything changes, change everything

when_everything_changes_change_everythingWhen everything changes, change everything, from Neale Donald Wlash. This is the book a good friend of mine dropped on my desk the other day ‘have a  go at it, Flo, you like changes, you may like that book.’

It’s true I like changes. Changes are inherent to our lives, we simply change everyday, we even welcome major life changes regularly. See a couple looking forward to having their first baby. They have created a major change, and they welcome it. I even go further to think that change are always good. We need them to become who we are. And there page 158 of When everything changes, change everything, in black and white ‘All changes are for the better.’ Definitely enough to raise my curiosity and I scroll a few more pages finding ‘without change, life itself would not be, for life is movement, and movement is change, by definition.’

We don’t have to agree with every words used in the book to enjoy it, and get something out of it, like a new perception. This is what books should be about, right? bringing new ideas and new perceptions. With a very frank opening ‘The changes in your life are not going to stop’ (pg 2), Neale Donald Walsh engages us to change our reactions to change by adopting… nine… changes ‘that can change everything’. Written as a conversation and organized in two parts with part 1, the mechanics of the mind, and part 2, the system of the soul, Neale Donald Walsh’s book introduces us to the idea of several realities as well as several truths, similar to the NLP notion of model of the world. What are those nine changes then? Change the decision to ‘go it alone.’ Change your choice of emotions. Change your choice of thoughts. Change your choice of truths. Change your idea about change itself. Change your idea about why Change occurs. Change your idea about future Change. Change your idea about life. Change your identity. Adding to this a nice conscious word to help us facing our fears, where fear becomes Feeling Excited And Ready. Here we go… now ready to change!

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