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Points of view in the world of NLP

NLPintheworld2Through my search for NLP practitioners and advocates across the world, I had the pleasure to discover that Lucas Derks and I are sharing the same passion… spreading the world about NLP, as well as understanding how NLP is present across countries.


Lucas Derk, the author of SOCIAL PANORAMAS, Changing the unconscious landscape with NLP and psychotherapy, will soon join us with his testimony as part of the interview series ‘NLP in the world.’ Meanwhile, and with his permission, I’d loved to share with you an interview realized by Lucas two years ago, and called Points of view in THE WORLD OF NLP.’


With 23 interviews with leading people in NLP as well as newcomers, Lucas explored the world of NLP sharing with us fantastic answers, from France, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Tunisia, UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong, New Zealand, US, Finland, Austria, Japan, Poland, Switzerland. Every bit is interesting, so go get yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee, sit back and enjoy!

Fore more video from Lucas, simply log on the YouTube Social Panoramas channel.

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