Oups... Are you serious?

It’s the thought that counts

thoughtWith this long weekend upon us, why not picking up a new book? and why not picking up It’s the thought that counts, from David R. Hamilton.

I would put that book in the same category of Blink, an easy read full of thought provoking information. Backing up his text with scientific data, well documented in the reference section, the author challenges us to think of the power of our thoughts. Taking a holistic approach to life similar to eastern philosophy and maybe some of our old western wisdom, he states ‘mind over matter really works’, emphasizing ‘thoughts and mind can physically change the body’. The effect of mind over body is not new. We know of the placebo effect; we know of psychosomatic illness; we know of the effect of creating a D smile the same way we know also of the effect of laughter yoga. The author provokes us to think further on how our thoughts could even influence our genes. This power of thoughts is often used in NLP when performing visualization, or when seeking positive learnings from events to resolve negative emotions. The author calls this the power of intention, listing his own research, the effect of words on the growth of cress seeds (pg. 183), experience similar to Dr Masuro Emoto rice experience. What I really like about this book is the scientific data. The proof that this is not a simple thought but a reality. We have no excuses… We can only go and make our thoughts count now!

And if you like this book, you are likely to enjoy Destiny vs Free Will, also from David R. Hamilton, where the author challenges us on how our thoughts attract what we focus on.

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