Swim Like a Fish

Now available on Amazon, our book Swim Like A Fish: An easy Guide to Developing Self-Leadership. Easy to follow tips and exercises to develop your self-leadership.

Within self-leadership you find many skills, and two are extremely important in today’s world.

First, being able to let go of an illusion of control we are hanging onto. This gives us flexibility, adaptability and curiosity. And second, being able to develop an unbreakable sense of who we are and what we can do. This gives us an amazing can anchor we can hold onto when everything around spin at full speed, and yes it helps us to develop resilience, growth mindset, or creativity.

Organised into eleven chapters, this book takes you through eleven stages to develop your Self-Leadership skills. Each chapter is split into seven swims, and each swim finishes with a practice exercise.

When you decide to open this book, you decide to embark into a journey through oceans. It’s not just any kind of journey; it’s a spiralling one.

Every day, you will discover or re-discover some crucial knowledge. You will strengthen associated skills. You will build step-by-step true competency in Self-Leadership. The chosen learning approach is inductive; from specifics to general. Each swim focuses on specific elements or skills, which may have been either underused or used with a different focus. Each skill has several layers and you are going to build onto each layer.

This is the spiralling effect.

Nicely said by Trevor Horne, “One of the gifts in this book is that Florence does not just tell us what to do, but creates the mindset, conditions and activities for each of us to walk our own journey of self—the how to do it. This book is essentially a quest in which you are the hero. You can decide to go in whichever direction you think is appropriate for you. You can dive into dark, forbidding places, stay in the comfort of what is familiar, stride confidently or tread hesitantly. All of it is invitational. Go at your own pace in your own direction. All you have to do now is accept her invitation to enter the oceans, for in these oceans is the treasure you seek.”

Ready to embark on this spiralling journey through oceans?

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