NLP and Time Line™ Therapy practitioner course

We are so excited to present our NLP and Time Line™ Therapy practitioner course. Organised in five modules, we are giving you the flexibility to first explore and then dive in; certification is optional, and you decide through the first or second module if you  apply for certification.

Our next course is starting in Geneva (in English) this October 2017. Contact us for details, and book early to avoid disappointment. This course is combined with our self-leadership training, and you will cover information on emotional intelligence, communication, neurosciences.

What you will learn?

NLP (or Neuro Linguistics Programming) is the study of excellence, and specifically a study on how to develop your own excellence (or the one of others if you decide to become a practitioner).

First, some foundations – we explore the NLP Landscape with:

  • the presentation of a simple model of communication which will enable you to understand how you communicate with yourself and others.
  • the discoveries of the empowering presuppositions underlying NLP.
  • the links between our mind and body and how we can play with either mind or body to manager better what happens in our lives.
  • the notion cognitive processes versus non-cognitive processes, or maybe conscious mind versus unconscious mind
  • the stages of learning, especially how to learn easily.
  • an exploration of the logical levels of learning and change.
  • an idea, more precisely this idea that we can live in a way where we are continuously creating the life we want.

And then, we go for a hike to the top of the hills, at the same time picking up great tools and techniques:

  • Rapport
    • How to build and maintain rapport with others and also with yourself.
    • How you ‘do what you do’ and how that influences your communication with others.
    • How using your own voice can build and maintain rapport in relationships.
    • How to elegantly disagree and speak your truth with others whilst maintaining rapport.
  • Well formed Outcomes – the essential key to achieving your goals or to reach your defined HORIZON
    • Clarify what it is that you want.
    • Generate practical well-formed goals or outcomes and make them undeniably achievable.
    • Learn to gather specific, high quality information from other people and to use it to achieve your outcomes.
    • Identify and eliminate any blocks which may have prevented you from achieving your goals in the past.
    • Work with others, assisting them to get really clear on their outcomes.
  • Representational Systems – how we use and process information through our senses – a truly fascinating sections, at times the basis of simplification through our lives. With me, you will often here… Things are simple, not always that easy, still simple.
    • Discover how we experience the world around us through our five senses.
    • Learn how to increase the range of what it is that you see, hear and feel so that you know more about what’s really happening around you.
    • Explore eye movements and discover their significance within communication.
  • Sub-modalities – the way we internally encode information – here we get to discover really cool techniques, probably one of my favourites sections
    • Learn how you store and order information about your experiences.
    • Discover how this can easily be changed in order to allow your experience to work more effectively for you.
    • Use sub-modalities to rapidly change unwanted feelings and behaviours.
    • Learn how to use the SWISH pattern to break unwanted habits.
  • Strategies – the unconscious process which we drive our behaviour – and at times the benefits of getting those processes conscious.
    • Discover what internal strategies are, and their significance in relation to your everyday behaviour.
    • Identify a number of your significant strategies including; Decision, Motivation, Buying and Selling Strategies.
    • Discover how to identify other people’s strategies including; Learning, Spelling, Motivation, Decision, Reassurance and Buying Strategies.
    • Learn how your strategies get activated.
    • Change your less useful strategies into more useful ones and use your effective strategies more often.
    • Learn how to interrupt negative strategies with a pattern interupt, creating space for new and empowering strategies.
  • Language Patterns – using language with awareness and elegance – okay, here I am in heaven… as an author I have always been fascinated by languages and this section is simply mind blowing, easy to use and already something most of you have spontaneously been exploring, through the simple fact of learning to speak.
    • Learn to identify the pattern of language that you and others use when communicating and how this enhances or detracts from the progress made while communicating.
    • Learn to use Meta-Model language patterns, to ask questions which will help to get you the information you need with speed and precision.
    • Learn to use metaphor easily and effortlessly.
    • Challenge and work through objections elegantly.
    • Know just the right question to ask to get to the root of a problem.
    • Use Milton Model language patterns to gain greater acceptance of your message when communicating.
    • Learn to negotiate with elegance and quickly gain agreement on opposing viewpoints.
    • Learn powerful conversational techniques to assist in clarifying minds and emotions.
  • Anchoring and States – the power and effect of associative conditioning – in addition we explore the notion of state more in depth, and how to use that when thinking emotions management or communication.
    • Learn how we ‘anchor’ our experiences associatively.
    • Identify your everyday anchors – both personal and professional.
    • Use resource anchors to strengthen your personal resources and how to access them whenever you choose.
    • Work with anchors t remove negative and unhelpful feelings from past experiences.
    • Create powerful chains of resources to get yourself and others out of stuck states like procrastination or confusion.
    • Identify your base state and how this impacts your way of being in the world.
  • Parts, Perspectives, Frames and Re framing – the key to developing personal congruence – of course you know that already… we all suffer from multiple personality disorder, so have a drink of “H2O”
    • Work with parts to resolve internal conflicts and gain congruence and clarity.
    • Learn to develop creative solutions to resolve internal conflict.
    • Re-view and gain powerful insight into the solution of inter-personal conflict.
    • Identify the real intentions of your behaviour and emotions.
    • Learn how to reframe either the context or content of an event so as to gain a different perspective and insight.
  • The Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner Course includes:
    • Elicit your time line, how you store past and future events.
    • Learn how to organise events in your life in relation to time.
    • Learn how to remove negative emotions and gain lessons previously clouded by the emotion and break free from past experiences.
    • Remove limiting beliefs and decisions freeing yourself to pursue who you truly want to be.
    • Learn how to remove phobias and trauma in yourself and others.
    • Learn how to set goals in your future so that events align themselves to achieving them.

Bonus information

  • Developing self-leadership: what does that truly mean?
  • Emotional intelligence: what can I learn from emotions? and how to manage them in powerful ways?
  • Building Bridges: when communication is about what is being understood?
  • Our surprise bonus session… The fields of personal development, human mind development, communications, societies evolution are extremely fast moving, and within our NLP training we always include a surprise bonus session on a topical subject. Curious? That’s good! That’s what we like!

Our five modules

  • Module 1: 2 days – with this module we cover the foundation of the NLP landscape – we also explore the notion of self-leadership, and emotional intelligence.
  • Module 2: 2 days – with this second module we go in depth hiking the NLP landscape, focusing especially in linguistics.
  • Module 3: 2 days – with this third module we go on hiking the NLP landscape, especially the notion of anchoring – we explore with the bonus session BUILDING BRIDGES – and review plenty of tool to seek excellence, our own personal excellence.
  • Module 4: 2 days – very intensive 2 days with a full focus on Time Line Therapy™ .
  • Module 5: 1 day – practice review – with the group we explore and review material presented in our 8 days of training. This last day is compulsory for anybody choosing to become a certified practitioner (and optional for the others).

Module 1 to 4, are 10:00-18:00 on day one and 10:00-17:00 on day 2. Module 5 is 10:00-17:00. Regular practices days are then scheduled during the year to keep exchanging information and tips on NLP. Happy community life!

How to certify as an NLP practitioner and Time Line™ Therapy practitioner

During module 1 and 2 you will have the choice to decide to become an NLP practitioner. In this case you will receive extra instructions, and will be given extra homework, such as taking a written test and practicing your skills with other people.

What do I get at the end of the training?

  • A detailed course book
  • Recording of all the training sessions
  • Some 1:1 coaching sessions of 30 minutes by phone (2×30)
  • When I choose so, a certification as an NLP Practitioner, and as a Time Line™ Therapy Practitioner

What will I invest in my development with this NLP training?

An NLP training is a true investment in yourself, and there are many training options to choose from. When you decide to train with me, you will invest CHF1980 into 9 days of training (plus CHF500 when you decide to go for your certification); training will take place in a small group. A deposit of CHF500 is asked to secure your place. Before deciding for your training, make sure to contact the trainer and get all your questions answered, that you know this training is the right choice for you. You can easily contact me here. On my side, I trained for my practitioner with Sara Haboubi (Ireland), and then for my master practitioner and trainer’s training with Dr. Tad James (USA, and Australia). I met amazing people and I’m still meeting amazing people thanks to NLP; you can actually find some cool interviews through my series NLP in the world: An interview series. My NLP Practitioner Certification is certified by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and the Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification is certified by the Time Line Therapy Association.  I also support the work and initiative of the ANLP, the independent association of NLP in UK.