Oups... Are you serious?

Three tips to find the magic!

The bike is now used to take me out every day either morning, lunch time or evening... Who would have thought that the harder in cycling... is to seat on that saddle. But I have no choice, my bike is a tough boss with no space  for doubt, as good as a robot! A coach… Continue reading Three tips to find the magic!

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The challenge has started… Less than 4 weeks to go and coach lesson

Hum... I looked this morning at my bike still covered in dust... Hum... Not even 4 weeks to go... No doubt my challenge has truly started! That challenge came about a few weeks back when I realized, talking with a friend of mine that an organization we are both members of, was to celebrate its 5th… Continue reading The challenge has started… Less than 4 weeks to go and coach lesson

Oups... Are you serious?

New memories…

I wake up this morning with new memories floating around, great ones... a new encounter, a picture in a pub, a clock going anticlockwise, a colourful bird in a museum and a face on a name, Marta Dinnyes. That's one thing to start a series on a blog called 'NLP in the world', that's another… Continue reading New memories…

Oups... Are you serious?

A white note…

I wake up this morning before the alarm clock, before the birds on the roof or the dog of the neighbour, before day itself. It was dark, not pitching dark, a soft greyness of bad dreams and poor weather, and it was there on my mobile phone, a small white note; the mobile switch off… Continue reading A white note…

Oups... Are you serious?


I wake up this morning, strings on my hands, strings on my knees I had dreamt I was in control of my life, I had dreamt I could decide what to become and what to do... What if all this was truly a dream? What… if we were only puppets… something pulling the strings as we… Continue reading Puppattitude!