Oups... Are you serious?

Oups… Are you serious?

5:50 the alarm clock rang... a bit drowsy from a late night watching TV series on the net, I open one eye lid, close it, open it... It was enough sport  for that specific moment and a good justification for a 10 minutes snooze. What a surprise to hear the alarm clock 10 minutes... times… Continue reading Oups… Are you serious?

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Please, please, make it complicate!

That's it. That's decided I am learning German this year. That's right it was never on the list but the situation of the moment makes it logical, and I enjoy the logic of the moment. Step 1: finding a  language course. Often in public transportation I opt for a small mobile app and an online… Continue reading Please, please, make it complicate!

Oups... Are you serious?

The best please… a “bouquet of spoons”!

If I had magic fingers I would clicked them now eagerly,  jumping through the portal of my feelings to find myself having dinner with you guys at home. Instead I am reduced to spying on a bunch of strangers in a coffee shop drinking tea to honor the name of the place... ‘The coffee shop’.… Continue reading The best please… a “bouquet of spoons”!