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Your own SPIRAL of growth

How often have you heard “people are resistant to change”? Whenever you hear it, I dare you happily to challenge that statement; and I would easily add : “It’s not the change people are resisting, it’s the ownership of the change and the fact of not having a saying in the decision leading to that… Continue reading Your own SPIRAL of growth

Inspired Coaching

A simple foundation to any bridges

Summer 2011, I am taking some time off travelling and learning. I have just finished my NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) Master Practitioner training in the US, and heading off to New Zealand to meet with a few folks using NLP to address post-traumatic stress disorder. I have that sudden hunger eating me alive… I want… Continue reading A simple foundation to any bridges

Oups... Are you serious?

When Marketers play the GPS card

Words build our maps of communication. A well chosen words is like a good compass, it gives direction. It ensures no one gets lost in the mist of communication. A good sentence is like a road to follow, and an overused sentence? I guess a  motorway. Unfortunately our brain loves driving on those motorways; they… Continue reading When Marketers play the GPS card