Oups... Are you serious?

Head over heels? or not!

You know sometimes how people fall head over heels for a voice. And they go on and on and on about the voice -the amazing sound of that voice -the magic of that voice.... Yes, on and on and on again. Weird... but the same thing happens to me. True! As soon as I hear… Continue reading Head over heels? or not!

Oups... Are you serious?

A blank page for a single word… Thanks!

Monday morning and you now pick up that blank page of paper you left aside on January 1st... wondering about the one thing you will want to write today. That first thing to focus in your "along the year's resolutions." Does not "along the year's resolutions" sounds better than just a one time "New Year's… Continue reading A blank page for a single word… Thanks!

Oups... Are you serious?

New day, new year, new stories!

 We have read it all, the new day, the new year, the new stories, the updated or new resolutions surfacing, the motivation of the moment as big as the day, the hope and desires to make it different this time and... we have read it all, how motivation leaves us so quickly, these resolutions becoming… Continue reading New day, new year, new stories!

Inspired Coaching

I’m not lazy… I’m planning

When we talk about motivation, we often end up talking about self-discipline. It's a fact sometimes maintaining motivation can be helped with a certain dose of self-discipline. The same way that starting the action can also be triggered with a certain dose of self-discipline. Whatever the intent -maintaining motivation or triggering the action- self-discipline is… Continue reading I’m not lazy… I’m planning

Inspired Coaching, Oups... Are you serious?

What? It’s not done yet?

The evening is coming to an end. As the day wraps-up you look quickly at all these tasks left on your list. You know you really want to do them; at least you think you really ought to do them; you like to feel you have a strong will and proving to you and others… Continue reading What? It’s not done yet?