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NLP principles in practices

Lisa Wake: ‘For NLP to experience the renaissance suggested by Tosey and Mathison, it needs to apply itself to the principle of modelling excellence and develop in a way that meets the societal and systemic needs and expectations of the 21st Century.’ (NLP Principles in Practice, pg. 196) Another great read in your collection. With a… Continue reading NLP principles in practices

NLP in the world - Interview Series

Lisa Wake – United Kingdom – NLP and Psychotherapy

I am really grateful for Lisa to have joined me for this testimony through email exchanges. Lisa practices in UK and information can be found at http://www.awakenconsulting.co.uk , http://www.awakenschool.co.uk or on LinkedIN. Talking4good (T4G): How did you come into contact with NLP? Lisa: I first came across NLP when I was working as a manager… Continue reading Lisa Wake – United Kingdom – NLP and Psychotherapy