The Spirit of H2O

Following the Spirit of H2O
Simply amazing what one drop of H2O can do!

The Spirit of water, the spirit of H2O… Horizons, Humor, Openness. A fascinating spirit, and a fascinating tool for your brain.

Still why so much emphasize on HORIZON? I guess you can achieve as much as you put your heart into, if you have no idea what directions you are heading to… It’s like building a bridge by randomly throwing pebbles into a river… it’s not working., and you end with piles of rocks spread on top of each other -if you’re lucky.

Why HUMOR? Why OPENNESS? That’s a secret, a secret to be shared with as many people as possible. With Humor, life is never the same, never dull and boring, but more important with humor your mindset can only grow and a growth mindset is a must-have attitude. To get this attitude, you need openness, being open to being vulnerable, wrong, foolish, a dreamer, only then you can see all the opportunities outside of your boxes, even better, you can start to see through your boxes, you just open them, making them bigger, every single day. Curious? Go for it! You are going to be surprised.