I’m a startup, how do I start?

As a startup, on the way to expand and built up a team, you have a choice. You can follow traditional approach and implement a hierarchical model, the boss, the team members, the associate, etc.

Tomorrow’s business is agile, self-organized and dynamic.

Or, you can innovate and move directly to a non-traditional type of company structure. For this you need to hire people already having develop some self-leadership competency that you can strengthen, or you can embark on developing a strong foundation from start. In addition, you will want to define operating rules, and a strong common intention (or purpose) for your startup, something very clear that any of your members can relate to. Moving to self-organized model follows robust methodologies.

Tomorrow’s talent is agile, self-organized, independent and dynamic, highly social and active, and competent in self-leadership.

Thinking about moving your startup to tomorrow’s model. Jump in and innovate with us.