From Leadership to Self-Leadership

There is a fashion at the moment: Be a Leader! It seems every single one of us wants to be a leader. And this bring a huge issue. If the trend goes on, we will soon have nobody left to lead.

One question for you? Do you want to be lead? No, you want. So why would other people want to be lead?

What people wants is to be inspired. To be guided. To be encouraged and supported.

This understanding of leadership is far from new. This is the famous inverted pyramid model, where management is seemed as the supportive element which gives the tool for actions and initiatives to happen. This is also what new model of organization develop (as described in the inspiring book “Reinventing Organizations”.

Benjamin Disraeli – “I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?”

This paradigm and understanding of leadership is extremely powerful. This is also common sense: without employees, there is no leaders, the same way than without leaders, they may never been employees. And the success of it stems from collaboration and complementary, not dependency. Only then the full potential of every single member of the organization can be used, and the team become much more than the sum of its members. One competency makes these models possible? Self-Leadership.

Self-Leadership is the must-have competency, on which true agile and innovative business can be created.