Communication, a strategic tool

Communication is much more than words you are reading on a page of paper. Communication is a very complete strategic tool often misused. First you have the content of your communication. Then you have the channels you are going to use to promote this communication. And of course, the channels is adding a layer to the content. We also have more channels to use than we usually see. Have you ever thought that your body is actually a channel of communication?

But now, how do we build content?

Interestingly enough, the actual content is the last thing we are going to think of.  Yes, you read correctly, the creation of the content is part of the last thing we look at. First we think -intention -what we want to achieve -how we are going to be able to know it’s working -what is really the core message -who is this message for.

A good communication is not about what we say, it’s only about what is going to be understood, and you audience will break or make the success of your communication, either be a conversation at a networking event, or a full campaign of communication.

The framework Building Bridges is actually all about understanding communication from the receivers’ side, and we cater for intensive bespoke one day training, or online certification.

Okay then, we have content, we have channels of communication, we have audiences. What about the strategy?

Communication as a strategic tool implies connecting the dots between several aspects of communication.

And yes like any strategic operation it means planning, big picture thinking, but also details thinking, regular reviews of the strategy. long term objectives identification, combination of skills and approaches, innovation and thinking outside of the box.