Building Bridges – the online course

Communication is at the heart of everything we do. We could even go as far as saying: communication is the essence of life and an indispensable social interaction.

So READY to develop your expertise with our 10 months online course?

BUILDING BRIDGES 2, explores the framework needed for great conversation and communication, and more important, with this ONLINE course, you will develop self-leadership skills in order to improve your communication.

What will you get? A certification as a BUILDING BRIDGES 2 agent with the following support:

  • Monthly webinar of 60 minutes (x10)
  • Bi-monthly implementation session of 60 minutes (webinar x5)
  • A printed copy of BUILDING BRIDGES
  • Great tools to develop and maintain your self-leadership capabilities
  • “How to steps” to integrate those skills into your communication skills.
  • 2 one hour coaching session (one at the start of the program) and one at the end.

Our next course is is being planned, meanwhile contact us to introduce yourself and request the course program detailed pdf.

Why taking this training?

All life uses communication one way or another from the animal to the Kingdoms. From a paradigm where communication was primarily about what was being said and sent we are moving to one where communication is rather about what is being understood. With this shift many challenges appear. In the context of facilitating communication, what tools and mechanisms can be used to ensure this acknowledgement of What is being understood correctly mirrors what is in the person(s) mind? What do we know about communication which can assist us in keeping a certain neutrality when acknowledging “What is being understood”? How to make this communication more than an exchange of information and rather a true and meaningful conversation?

First you need to understand the role of noise, also called barriers of communication, its/their origin, and therefore the mechanisms to decrease its impact. Then you want to develop an approach to always remain alert and owner of the results of your communication, be with in a conversation settings, a meeting, or a public interaction.

Learning the BUILDING BRIDGES model is simply another step in developing self-leadership.