Building Bridges – Intensive one day training

This one day training is run on demand for business. With an immersive approach to the concept of communication, Florence will take the group through the BUILDING BRIDGES model, a model of self-development ideal to improve communication or facilitation skills.

This one day training is always tailored to the specific audience, and works great for managers, teachers, facilitators, mediators or negotiators, actually for anyone who is using communication as a key tool… and nowadays this is every single one of us.

It’s a fact, communication is at the heart of everything we do. We could even go as far as saying communication is the essence of life and an indispensable social interaction. All life uses communication one way or another from the animal to the Kingdoms. In the human kingdom, behind the word communication, we often find the word message. This word message –identical in French and in English- find its origin in the latin word mittere which initially meant to send and then later on to establish. Another French word –mettre (in English, to put)- would also have its origin in this latin word mittere. Interestingly, from a linguistic perspective, both words focus on the action of delivering, and therefore the position of the person creating the message. Nowadays, communication has a wider spectrum, for instance communication is very closely linked to marketing. From a paradigm where communication was primarily about what was being said and sent we are moving to one where communication is rather about what is being understood. With this shift many challenges appear. In the context of facilitating communication, what tools and mechanisms can be used to ensure this acknowledgement of What is being understood correctly mirrors what is in the person(s) mind? What do we know about communication which can assist us in keeping a certain neutrality when acknowledging “What is being understood”? How to make this communication more than an exchange of information and rather a true and meaningful conversation? One approach is to understand the role of noise, also called barriers of communication, its/their origin, and therefore the mechanisms to decrease its impact. This knowledge and skills are exactly what you will be developing using the BUILDING BRIDGES model.

This workshop can be delivered in either English or French.

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