This ABC and DEF, is a very simple mnemonic to help you remember 6 key points to keep in mind at all times when developing the NLP attitude Trevor and I talked about in the book Building Bridges. Mnemonics aim to translate information into a form that the brain can retain better than its original form. As you read out-loud ABC, DEF, you may even hear in your head the nursery rhyme you used to know -ABC pim pom pam -DEF, pim pom pam-. If you do, go with it, this will help you further in remember our 6 key points.

A       Awareness of ourselves and others around.
B       Belief in ourselves and in others.
C       Curiosity to change, to observe, and to learn

D       Do it, take action.
E       Enjoy actions. Enjoy excellence.
F       Forget failure. All is feedback

And yes, you’re right, this ABC and DEF are the principles behind accepting who we are, learning true collaboration, learning from our actions, and discovering our best mode of operation, what the NLP world calls “our physiology of excellence”.