Testimonies of agents of change

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They read it. They loved it.

Embrace this practical book to enhance your mediation practice.
– June 2016
“This book was sitting on my pile of ‘books to read’ for a number of months. I picked it up the other morning and was having a flick through and the first page I glanced at had me hooked instantly – on it was a really useful and simple exercise in how to construct a sentence giving the person you are talking to the impression that they are being given a choice – I used it later that day in an everyday situation with great results! This book is for people who want to read about theory and have it explained simply and read about real examples of NLP and mediation. What I also like about Building Bridges is that there are practical exercises to do throughout the book so you have a read and apply your learning to your practice as a mediator (and in everyday life situations so there are opportunities for personal development). Thought has been put into lay out and text font so it is good on the eye, real situations and coaching examples are scattered throughout the book so it makes it very readable.”

Easy read. Powerful learning
– 13 Feb. 2016
“I looked forward to reading this book and was not disappointed as it blended two of my favourite subject matters together in a way that was almost exciting. I have been mediating for 17 years now and playing with NLP for 6 years but only blended the two together on very rare occasions, this book inspired me to be more daring with some of the exercises. There is an opportunity to really learn with the exercises at the end of each chapter. I had some amazing insights even when I was thinking “this won’t work” At one point I completely disagreed with something and yet when I tried the exercise I found that it made complete sense. It took me a lot longer to read than I thought it would as I kept trying things out and then going back to re-check. I found it broke things down regarding the NLP into simple techniques, which I understood even though I had struggled with some of the concepts when I was doing my training back in 2010. I would recommend giving it a try, especially if you have are a practising mediator.”

Give yourself the gift of this book and be patient as you unwrap the contents, the end result is so worth it!
– 13 Mar. 2016
Building bridges is such a gift. It is a deconstructed, slice by slice, insight into how two very experienced mediators use a range of skills built over many years, including NLP, to get excellent results.
It takes a little while to unwrap and to see the value of the gift as the packaging was distracting initially. By this I mean that the styles of the two writers are so different. It goes back and forth between a quirky, conversational, as though you are in the room talking together, story telling approach, laced with humour and activities to try for yourself and a more serious, get down to the nuts and bolts of things approach. Both approaches have value and give different perspectives, which is after all what the essence of this book is about, valuing the differences and unique individuality that each person brings to the table. By producing this book, and mediating between themselves how they will each bring themselves and their contribution to into the final outcome – this book-, Florence and Trevor have modelled mediation skills in action.
Who should buy this book? Everybody! If you are a trained mediator, you will have a myriad of tools to further increase your flexibility, and have more options at your disposal to offer your clients. There is also an excellent section on managing your own state and self-modelling excellence. If you are a coach or a trainer working with difficult conversations, this book is also for you and many of the activities can be taught to others. NLP is about modelling excellence. You need have no knowledge of NLP in order to get the best from this book, it is explained so clearly and so simply that the tools are immediately useful. One tip? Choose one or two tools in a single area and get practiced in these, then move on, until you have achieved the level of mastery that is possible by purchasing this book and the distilled wisdom within.”
– Jackie Lawlor – NLP trainer, ILM level 7 coach and trained mediator.

Difficult situation averted
– 24 Jan. 2016
“I took to heart what the co-authors discussed and tackled a potential difficult situation with a smile, I listened and mediated. All of which led to a successful outcome to build further on.”
– Judith