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Communication is at the heart of everything we do. We could even go as far as saying communication is the essence of life and an indispensable social interaction. All life uses communication one way or another from the animal to the Kingdoms. From a paradigm where communication was primarily about what was being said and sent we are moving to one where communication is rather about what is being understood. With this shift many challenges appear. In the context of facilitating communication, what tools and mechanisms can be used to ensure this acknowledgement of What is being understood correctly mirrors what is in the person(s) mind? What do we know about communication which can assist us in keeping a certain neutrality when acknowledging “What is being understood”? How to make this communication more than an exchange of information and rather a true and meaningful conversation? One approach is to understand the role of noise, also called barriers of communication, its/their origin, and therefore the mechanisms to decrease its impact.

This is what we will explore with our 90 minutes workshop on BUILDING BRIDGES: how to address these noises, how to start removing them one by one, step by step always for a better result in our communication (or other’s people communication when facilitating their communication).

And you will see… often it is just about “creating the space for communication” in our mind, with our words and body.

This workshop Building Bridges, a model for facilitation of communication, was featured at the EMCC Annual Conference Edinburg, Scotland, March 2017 (English) – Check the small video.

For our next session, check our calendar page. These workshops are only run in Switzerland (Geneva) with Florence, either in French or English.

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