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Memories memories, we love the good ones!

A great souvenir thanks to Robert Lezak and a great workshop given at the EMCC 2017 Conference in Scotland. Thank you again to all the attendees!

Testimonies, testimonies, they tried it, they loved it!

“Un grand merci pour ce message très chaleureux que je relirai de temps à autre pour me remémorer vos précieux conseils. Je compte bien mettre en pratique tous les aspects du programme que nous avons vus dans les mois à venir. Je vous remercie de mon côté pour votre qualité d’écoute et votre sympathie qui ont fait de ces séances de travail de vrais moments de plaisirs.” – Anonymous

“Florence has a real deep sense for what people are thinking. Great connecting with her.” – Dan

Florence, merci. Cela faisait long temps que je n’avais pas pris autant de plaisir en participant à une formation. J’ai beaucoup apprécié son contenu, mais également la manière dont nous avons fait l’inventaire de mon intelligence émotionnelle et les remises en question, la facon dont vous m’avez guide à construire mes métaphores et à définir mes appuis au quotidien. En somme, le caractère presque ludique de cette formation, tout en ayant des objectifs précis. Merci encore, vous avez une réelle vocation de formateur.” -Cristiana 

“At the beginning, I thought that I will not be able to open up and discuss as freely about my experiences, but having the telephone as a channel reassured me on the confidentiality part of our relation and it also secures on the fact that the coach is 100% involved, just like you are. Florence has a real gift of making you feel safe and listened, while encouraging the dialogue, the exploration of feelings and all this with the perfect dose of playfulness.” -Anonymous

“I made up my mind from the day i started the NLP Practitioner course that i was going to use it to help myself achieve my goals. Little did i realise how much it would change my life, Flo walks the NLP walk and believes 200% in her clients and she believed I would get a job which she had coached me for and helped with my CV. Not only did i get that job, the employer waited for my month notice even though they needed someone immedietly. I am grateful to the course for helping me work on my limiting beliefs and believe in myself.” – Angella

I never knew much about NLP before I met Florence, and I consider it a gift to have an NLP practitioner teach me some of the concepts. She led me through a very interesting exercise to explore my claustrophobia! Thanks so much Flo for being my surprise NLP coach” – Marissa

“Florence is a dedicated, empowering coach and trainer. She has great knowledge of material and a real interest in the people she deals with. Florence has a unique style that she developed out of her professional and personal experience. I would recommend Florence as a Master Coach and Trainer.” – Amina

“Florence possède, outre une solide formation en la matière, un vrai talent naturel de coach qui rend son intervention particulièrement efficace, en plus d’être ludique et agréable. Grande habituée des NTIC, elle communique par Skype avec autant d’aisance qu’en face à face. Je recommande Florence sans hésitation.” – Bruno

“Thanks for a great workshop today. Very practical session on NLP. Looking forward to join upcoming events. Thanks Florence” – Ruta

“The afternoon was great, but the morning was Even Better !!!! I need another one… Tks for the great idea Flo!” – Pat

“Very informative, relaxed atmosphere and passionate Trainer who knows her NLP.” – Angella

“Thanks a lot for the inspiring workshop! I really like your approach and learned a great deal. Thanks a mil.”  – Anonymous

“Excellent course – I learned a lot in 3 hours. Flo is a great teacher.” – Anonymous

“Very enlightening workshop I will never listen to any speech or look at any advert in the same way again.” – Angella

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