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A simple foundation to any bridges

cartoon033Summer 2011, I am taking some time off travelling and learning. I have just finished my NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) Master Practitioner training in the US, and heading off to New Zealand to meet with a few folks using NLP to address post-traumatic stress disorder. I have that sudden hunger eating me alive… I want to discover every possible way people have been using NLP, and I have embarked into a long series of email and internet searches. In a few days I will be publishing the first   interview of my series “NLP in the world“. The idea is simple: identifying in every country of the world at least one NLP practitioner and ask him/her some questions, my favourite one being “What do you like best in NLP?”.

I encounter -via email- fantastic people: Goetz , from Germany, thinking as well NLP is like the “Lean Six Sigma” of individuals; then Gordana, from Croatia; Jakub, from Poland; Tilj, Belgium; Netherlands; Brian in Japan; in Italy, I discover the English Sisters and their application to language learning; Slavica in Serbia; Sylvia in the US; Richard, Alison in New Zealand, and the fascinating application on addressing post-traumatic stress disorder; Lucas in Netherlands and his very cool video “Points of View of NLP in the world“; Paco in Mexico; Scott, Chris in Australia; Marc and Sara in Ireland; in the UK, I met Melody, integrating NLP with horse training, another subject quite dear to me; Caroline in Canada; Luis in Spain; Jayamin in Sri Lanka; Marta in Hungary; Charles in India. Altogether, 34 interviews and among all of them, one from someone called Trevor Horne, on integrating NLP with mediation.

Light sparks at the back of my head… At that time, I have already sketched a high level plan of some writing on how to use NLP for better communication. Not difficult to understand that mediation is all about communication.  Funny enough, in the month of November, Trevor is to come to Ireland for the Dublin MII annual Conference. We agree to meet…. and as we say… the rest is history.

Shortly after I published Trevor’s interview in November 2011, we started working together, splitting the writing between us. A few hours, a few weeks, a few months, a few years later, here it is, our book – Building Bridges: embracing NLP for better mediation.

“For all of us who strive to base our world on communication and collaboration… Smile, Share, Listen, Communicate. The right communication is like a thousand solutions. The right communication is simply the foundation to any bridge!” (Read More).