Inspired Coaching

The Spiral model of coaching

cartoon009That’s it. I can’t resist any longer. The temptation smells too strong like a Canadian insect repellent along a lost lake in a summer evening. I can even see it far away in the horizon, the path I have been following for quite some times. You see, some people cannot resist the fame and the calling of the reality TV, but I am damned, simply trapped by cognitive thinking and the manipulation of words. Thanks World, I am not the only one, lost in the manipulation of words. Yesterday,   Friday September 25th, an anonymous date by itself, there was more than 4.5 million of them, the manipulated words –of course, still a subset in one single database- with an average 210 thousands people seeking truth per day, visiting that same database. Now, you’re right, the mere addition of 25 per day is about ridiculous, and from those statistics, I discover that STATS is actually one of them with a mere numbers of 14 different meanings.

My favorite source of confusion is without doubt LOL or LoL, 3 small letters manipulated into an acronym of 111 verified definitions, and 69 unverified. Indeed baby, it’s LOL (“Love and Laughter”) while you LOL (“Laugh out Loud”) when you discover your LOL (“Loss of license”) is linked to your LOL (“Library of Links”) being LOL (“Locked and Loaded”). Meanwhile on the second floor, a friend of yours explore the LOL (“Limit of Linearity”) of the LOL (“Life of Lesbianism”) LOL (“Laughing out loud”) about the LOL (“Low Operating Limit”) of the LOL (“League of Leaders”) fighting the LOL (“Legion of Old Ladies”) operating the LOL (“Lubricating Oil Laboratory”) next door. Who cares the real question remains: between LOL (“Legion of Losers”) and LOL (“Lots of Liars”) who wins? (

I guess I must have LOL (“Listen(ed) out Loud”) and decided to join the LOL (“Legion of Linguists”) by having my own little acronym. Now I could have chosen something challenging such as “BUILDING BRIDGES”: when we see the confusion created by a simple 3 letters acronym, imagine what will happen with a 15 letters one. So I play it safe, SPIRAL, only 6 letters, just to LOL (“Leaning on Letters”). However an acronym without the model going with it will be just half of the fun. I looked for one, tall, dark hair, maybe blue, green or grey eyes, one that would look really good with me walking at his arms in the street, but it seems this types of model mainly promote car, clothes, yogurt and shampooing, and I had to fall back on words and their enlightening effect. Yes, finally I have mine and here it is my very own model and acronym: my SPIRAL model of coaching.

Enjoy discovering the SPIRAL model of coaching. Who knows with it you may find a spiral looking a bit like a spring and get a good boost jumping forward.

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