Oups... Are you serious?

Along the year, along the steps

takethetimeWhen I took my blank page, this last January, and wrote in big rounded letter my second resolution of the year -GRATITUDE- I never thought that I was going to apply my third resolution in direct and in real life so quickly; the same way that I never planned to produce just about a resolution per month… and actually thanks to February resolution,

not even that.

Yes, yes you read everything correctly: not even a resolution a month; and that’s fantastic. That’s exactly what I had committed to. without even knowing consciously about it.

Let’s step back in time for a moment.

First day of January… As the clock strikes the early hour of the day, my phone buzzes with messages from various slices of the world. I am trapped in that one hour around midnight, which goes on repeating itself as the timezones rolled along. An orange pen in my had, I impatiently take my blank page labeling it proudly: “Along the year resolutions”. It has been decided… stop to the pressure, let’s invite the joy of the effect. And  on that hour, I especially enjoy leaving that page white. I leave it white for the full week, a full week wondering what is truly worth being a resolution; of course a resolution that would make a difference to my well being. And just like that the word GRATITUDE swings at me; not only the word but the resolution to express gratitude every day for at least one thing I have experienced in the day -without forgetting all the others things in my life I can be grateful about. And then…

February comes, and then March jumps in, and then spring shows up, and then April dances with its Easter eggs, bunny hens and fatty rabbits, and May raises the bar with its labor day when I suddenly get it… my third resolution of the year: TAKE YOUR TIME.

Right, you can say it, I did take my time with more than four months to produce a very simple resolution…

Simple? I wonder. How often are we confusing speed with actions? speed with movements? speed with life? speed with busy and being useful? speed with existing? Yes, life has a feeling of perpetual movement in it, but movement knows when to take its time. From the old proverb, “Good things comes to those who waits”, I am eliciting my new resolution: “Good thing comes to those who takes their time”. Maybe, it is about being like a river, and knowing how to go with the flow. For any river we have two types of flow -a laminar flow which is very slow, moves the particles in parallel, uses minimum of energy; and then -the turbulent flow which uses very irregular motions, a higher energy expense, and a lot of remodelling and reshaping of the particles around. Both flow have their advantages, and at times the laminar one may be the right one.

Easy, every step at time, every step in the flow!


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