Oups... Are you serious?

Head over heels? or not!

You knoVisualFunw sometimes how people fall head over heels for a voice. And they go on and on and on about the voice -the amazing sound of that voice -the magic of that voice…. Yes, on and on and on again.

Weird… but the same thing happens to me. True!

As soon as I hear “that” voice, it’s a firework of goosebumps on my arms; hair simply jumping out of my skin; heart-bit pumping up to a sprint; and without some good control over myself I would simply

kill that guy -and unfortunately any guys with that same type of voice.  That’s it. “That” voice can easily call the worst out of me.

Sound, music, notes, rhythm -whatever your poison’s name- can have amazing effect. No later than a few days ago, I dropped by my sister, and after 5 minutes listening to her choice of music on that day, I had aged at least 50 years. No kidding, I have a new grey hair as proof.

But sometimes we forget what we like hearing; the music goes in hiding; until one day we fell upon it, sometimes behind that dreadful book collection or as you walk into your favorite coffee place. I was actually dying for a good cup to pick me up, my working day having way too many hours for my liking, when I heard it. I had completely forgotten it. I discover the group with my ex, but I can’t even say it awakes memory, that specific album fall onto my lap after we split up. It’s just a mystery… a mystery that brings me on the edge of bursting open every time. That song may simply be my “Achilles’ heel”.  Let the first few notes out and swinging, and my heart skips a bit, vibrating with the world and ready to love all humanity at once. And without some good control over myself I would simply kiss every guys and girls around -of course as long as they do not have “that” voice.

A song, an Achilles’ heel that I love to hear over and over again enjoying the mystery.  You know what? Next time you hear a piece of music that pull your feet up in a tango and get you singing to the universe, let yourself go head over heels with yourself! It’s worth it!


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