Oups... Are you serious?

New day, new year, new stories!

NewYearResolution We have read it all, the new day, the new year, the new stories, the updated or new resolutions surfacing, the motivation of the moment as big as the day, the hope and desires to make it different this time and… we have read it all, how motivation leaves us so quickly, these resolutions becoming foggy as days pass. As a friend would say -and specifically- on these

new year morning; “Feck the pressure of being p-rfect.”

I can’t help wondering about one little thing. What’s the idea behind doing so many things “tsunami-like”? What’s the idea behind waiting all year long for that one specific day to pile resolutions up on a meter long roll of paper? Except a strong desire to dive right into a sea of illusions drowning before even starting…

There’s actually countless number of things we seem to like doing “Tsunami-like”. Ever heard about middle-life crisis?  What makes a crisis out of it is how we wait and wait and wait until we suddenly end up doing everything at once, creating an earthquake along the tsunami. Same situation when people wants to evolve in their job, they can think about it regularly and evolve, or they can wait and wait and wait until they suddenly can’t take that old job any longer and crack open “Earthquake-style.”

Today, I have one resolution for you: take a blank piece of paper and leave it blank until this weekend. When Sunday comes and you have spent a nice relaxing weekend, ask you one thing you really want to see in your life this year and write it down. Everyday look at it, and if you feel like add elements on the list, but never more than one element a day.

Every day is a new day, every day can be a new story and everyday can be inspirations for new resolutions. Enjoy surfing the waves, rather than letting a tsunami take over!


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