Oups... Are you serious?

Oups… are we all thieves?

IMG_5902Weekend is stretching to its end as I drove down the rental car on a small road somewhere in France.

My mind is surfing, slowing down, accelerating, faster still, stopping suddenly at a crossroad, looking right-left and back as soon as possible on the grey stretch, free for a moment of any thoughts… Could life be always as simple as driving that powerful car on a poor quality road, full of curves and bumps? I “sipped in” the feeling,  power and control. It is indeed that simple just now…

My mind is set on the direction! My mind release the energy when needed… and whatever the roadblock or the curve, mind and body handle everything in harmony. I am happily lost for thoughts, suddenly just a pair of hands and feet, a feeling on the wheel and a music in my ears, wind and Muse.

Driving has always had for me that amazing clearing effect. Easy enough… driving means simply: fully in control of the car, fully in control of the direction, fully occupied with something clear and precise, fully in movement… not yet action, just movement and direction… My middle life crisis is as sweet as that curve taken full speed in 5th gear, tires about to sing on the road…

The fact is… It’s not a middle, it’s not a life, and it’s not even a crisis. It’s just facts and life… and it has started when I was about 13 or 14, if not even younger. It’s just the normal continuity of changes, events, emotions, challenges and pleasure; all fighting in our heart and mind for our full attention.

I lose my eyes and soul on that road, over the hills and suns knowing it will be easier to find my way at night. I am surfing, on the road, on a wave and whatever happens, I know, all roads have a beginning or an end… and all waves a crest as much as a “bottom”… Are we all thieves of brief moments? Sometimes thieves of brief moment of sadness and other times thieves of brief moment of amazing happiness? Oups… Open Sesame! And just like thieves we know what treasures to really hold onto, the ones worth keeping in our suitcases, the golden moment!

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