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J-1… and the Spirit of H20

J-1… the last checks are on… bike working, legs working, mind working, sun lotion in the bag, bottle of water… It’s all about the Spirit of H2O now!


The race starts at 7:30 but it’s good to be there around 6:45 or 7 to avoid starting too late. With a foreign entry and a number in 15000 something I should work it out okay.  The hard hat is mandatory and mine with a new hair cut,  a special ‘Iroquois’ as they call it locally, and all this for the Irish Executives, and yes that’s tomorrow’s surprise.

All about the Spirit of H2O? What is that?

1) There are several trip feasible in the day and whatever trip you choose, the key point is to focus on the final picture, passing that arrival line with a smile, and forgetting about the passes, the km and the muscles. The coach lesson? Horizon! Look to the outside, look toward what you are aiming and keep at it.

2) Whatever trip you do during the day, at the moment of cycling, turn toward everything around you, the noises, the smiles, the people, sometimes looking at your wheel as you climb for 24 km is a fascinating exercise of auto-hypnosis. The coach lesson? Openness! To reach your horizon, be open to everything around you, you may find idea or helps in unexpected places.

3) Last time I was here…. I end up in the newspaper with the label ‘Seed of madness’, simply because of a hat of flowers, let’s see this year where I will go with the Irish Executives on the hat! The coach lesson? Humour! Laugh as much as possible, especially when it’s tough, and especially about yourself, this is the best way to get creative and move forward!

You’re right, Humour, Openness, Horizon, ‘The Spirit of H2O.’

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