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Stop the fighting… time to partner up!

bestpartnerJ-6… the 120 km of the race are getting closer…

Have you ever heard those expressions? ‘Fight with yourself’ ‘Win over yourself’ ‘ ‘On the track, the only enemy is you’ ‘You have only one person to beat in this room, and it’s you’ ‘It’s a competition with yourself, you can win…’ and so on and on and on and on… and… oooooonnnnnnn……

Those expressions are very famous in sports, and everywhere else… Yesterday again as I was mingling with cyclists on the road to hear them shouting… ‘On the road, up that pass, you have only yourself to beat!’

TUUTT!!!!! WRONG!!!! TUUTT!!!!!!


I have plenty of advices up my sleeves, and if I had one to really choose from, it will be…

‘Wake up! Stop the fighting! Time to partner up!’

Honestly…. How can you expect to win over yourself? Whatever you do, whatever way you look at it, as soon as you win over yourself, you also loose, yes a part of you also loose, and that part may be over and over a vanquished… and…. when there’s is vanquished, there is always a come back with a vengeance! It’s like these diet stories you hear? People win over for a few days and then on day 5 or 10, they eat 10 chocolate cakes, a Sunday roast and a chicken. Or that may be the that extra win that gave you a superb muscle sprain… That’s the vengeance I am talking about! Whatever way you look at it, if you win over yourself, you also always loose.

What you want is to partner with yourself for a common goal and a common story.

We want to become our best partner! Know now we are our best partner! and we start this with 3 steps

1) Find the positive intention behind the task at end. The fun is not the actual muscle work on the cycle, the fun is being on top of that pass or passing the arrival line with the other 11500 participants. The coach lesson? To partner with ourself, we start by finding the common goals for all of us, and yes all of us -true, a tiny bit of schizophrenia helps at times, because we are more than the sum of all our bits of character.

2) Find axes of negotiation. Yes we negotiate in our head with the strong, the fearful, the hesitant, the shy, the artist, the scientific and so on. The coach lesson? Everything can be described as a win-win, let’s find our win-win and partner with ourself to be at our best at all times.

3) Accept and recognize! We always think about acknowledging people around us, what about acknowledging what’s happening in our head. As I watched my friends having a drink last night, I thank the ‘party animal in me’ for keeping sober that I could cycle this morning. Right… I am not that much of a party animal, still you get the idea… accept that part of you that want to do things another way, accept it and thank it for making the effort to go along. The coach lesson? Everything starts with a ‘thank you’, thank you for the day, thank you for making the effort, thank ourself for partnering up and making the effort!

True, these are tips for team building; they are also motivational; they are simply tips for success by seeing what is there, by seeing possibility for collaboration, building on it and expanding it, exactly what we do with the appreciative inquiry ‘The Spirit of H2O.’

J-6… impatience is coming up!

2 posts to go… 2 more sharing on how to use self-coaching for sports training, building up your mental fitness with your physical strength.

And of course keep your eyes opened for the conclusion post, the famous… day after… Remember give people the world, give them a coach and of course, the Spirit of H2O. And what about learning all these? Learning how to develop your mental fitness? Join in this JULY for an exclusive training in DUBLIN. With this yearly summer edition of this amazing training, you will learn about communication, emotional intelligence, mental fitness and more, jump in and enjoy! For details check that page and contact me.

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