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3 weeks to go and coach lesson… it’s all about flexibility

The bike is clear of dust, and the muscles already back running… I can really feel I have not done that much sports, and let ms tell you, horse riding is great for the cycling legs. 3 weeks to go now… with training based on a mix of cycling, skipping rope, walking and stretching…. and food!

A coach one day, always a coach, and indeed there is always something to learn, and always something positive.

flexibilityFirst, training is fantastic when you take the time to cook. I can’t believe how many new recipes I have learnt so far, involving pasta and rice, and especially that great rabbit marinated with wine, herbs and onions. The coach lesson? The challenge of our days may bring unexpected activities, a simple solution is to develop flexibility and enjoy it.

Next, May in France sometimes is as bad as winter in Ireland… Not keen on cycling under the rain, I have to improvise, to jump on the bike when the sun shine, or simply to add another activity like skipping rope. As long as the rhythm is kept, I am good to go. The coach lesson? And yes again, the challenge of our days may bring unexpected activities, the simple solution is to develop flexibility, to have a pool of options to choose from and enjoy it.

Last, water, water, water. Amazing how far a drop of H2O can cycle with you, sip and enjoy! You’re right, never happy… rain is water… water is great… Sip the rain and enjoy water every moment of the cycle…. You got me there… Great change of perspectives.

Changing perspectives is a very neat trick in coaching. There are the ones easy to do on our own, such as the change of perceptual positions, when we use three positions -ours -the one of the other person(s) -the one of the audience in the cinema theatre watching the movie of our life (also called the fly on the wall).  And there are ones way easier to do with an external ear, such as the linguistics reframing, where the coach (yeap, the external hear) can truly hear what we are saying,and how that may conflict something else we said. Since words are labels of our experience, it’s easy to understand how changing words can change the experience. Changing words simply does the change of perspective. There is even a motto going viral on the net ‘Change your words, Change your world’, based on a book title.

The challenge? In 4 weeks time, going  from smoking with barely any sports done in the past 18 months, to cycle 125 km in one day… Remove the dust from that bike which has been sleeping for the past 4 years… (Yeap, I thought 2 years until I checked a few pictures yesterday…) Now, I am sticking to 4 weeks and not 4 hours, no need to compete with Timothy Ferris on that. Curious? Who can remember that TV series, where folks were coached in 4 weeks to practice some sports for competition?

3 weeks and less to go… have a read at the full conversation on LinkedIN , and click to sponsor and join the crowd 

5 posts to go… 5 ways to discover how coaching assist building up our mental fitness with our physical strength.

And of course keep your eyes opened for the conclusion post, the famous… day after… Remember give people the world, give them a coach, all this with the Spirit of H2O.

And when you want to know more about linguistic, just check that page.

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