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The challenge has started… Less than 4 weeks to go and coach lesson

Hum… I looked this morning at my bike still covered in dust… Hum… Not even 4 weeks to go… No doubt my challenge has truly started!

That challenge came about a few weeks back when I realized, talking with a friend of mine that an organization we are both members of, was to celebrate its 5th birthday. Which organization? In due time, in due time, you will know… no way I will let it stole my thunder this evening as I am about to engage in an intense 3 weeks and a half training to be able to cycle those 125 km… and not just flat racing… a total of 2400m elevation and 5 passes. Am I mad? Yes! No doubt! Funny enough that seems to be a common feature around coaches: being mad, going for it, enjoying and learning something from it!

A coach one day, always a coach, and indeed there is always something to learn, and always something positive.

post1Sometimes it is about seeing our bad habits like wall paper we can take away, or seeing our dreams as wall paper we stick up; often it is simply about rediscovering something we use to be good at, or something we loved… but for now… I can tell you about three things I definitely need to re-discover these coming 3 weeks…

1) Life can exist smoke free and yes my muscles and my heart, on the skipping rope this morning, did enjoy much more the smoke free atmosphere than anything before. Just about 4 days smoke free and a huge difference. The coach lesson? What gives us a spring is not what we are letting go… but of course what we are looking for, great health, great fitness.

2) Training can not be done without proper food and planned or not… these next weeks are going to include a cooking course… no way I will survive on pasta and cheese for that long or it would the death of my taste bud. The coach lesson? The challenge of our days may bring unexpected activities, a simple solution is to develop flexibility and enjoy it.

3) Alcohol can be a thing of the past (temporary, right?), and again my muscles are much happier on green tea than white wine, without forgetting the best drink of all, water. It’s well known the Spirit of H2O is a driving force. The coach lesson? Amazing how far a drop of H2O can drive you, sip and enjoy!

There is actually a fascinating link between practising sports and self-coaching… maybe the reality is that practising sport, and especially when preparing for such an event, you have to self-coach yourself. The beauty? As you see immediate results, you assess immediately how good you are understanding how to self-coach yourself, and from then you can repeat that for business or others.

What? You want my schedule to understand how in 3 weeks and a half, I am going to go from smoking with barely any sports done in the past 12 months, to cycle 125 km in one day… and remove the dust from that bike which has been sleeping for the past 2 years… Great question! and yes I will share my tricks, most of them of course… in addition of the three listed above, you may already have read that one involved a skipping rope.

3 weeks and a half to go…

6 posts to go… 6 ways to discover how to use self-coaching for sports training, building up your mental fitness with your physical strength.

And of course keep your eyes opened for the conclusion post, the famous… day after… Remember give people the world, give them a coach and of course, the Spirit of H2O.

And when you want to learn more about self-coaching, just check that page.

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