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NLP and change management

SPIRALYou all know it by now, I just love NLP!!! the same way that I love transformation and going with the flow. Change is simply an amazing spiral and it happens everyday. That’s what makes life so fascinating!!! Behind these changes there is that strong idea of continuous improvement… that search to bring more joy, happiness and choices in our lives. Continuous improvement? What on earth do I mean?

You’ve heard about Lean or Six sigma. There are simply two fascinating methodologies. Six Sigma came up in the 80s with Motorola US for ensuring producing without defect in the manufacturing world, while Lean, a more recent approach, aims for producing without waste. Brought together Lean and Six Sigma are about improving processes to reach efficiency and excellence, with an emphasize on economy of resources. Brought together, they are about modelling what is already really good in continuous improvement, and making even better.  Brought together, they are about developing excellence.

Ring a bell? Of course, we say the same thing about NLP.

How does that work really?

It starts with a process… it starts with everything being about improving the process and forgetting the blame action. That’s a fact, once a process is in place, we tend to forget about it, the old saying popping out, ‘Ah yes, we have always done it this way, that’s fine’ or ‘Why changing something that is working and not broken.’

Why indeed?

The answer is simple. Contexts have changed; customers’ need have evolved; markets are now different; workforce has developed. Just like that, your business needs Lean or Six Sigma methodology in order to change a process that indeed has always been working but is no longer efficient or appropriate in the current context. Just like that, you need a similar approach for your team or yourself, you need NLP.

NLP is simply fascinating as being the Lean Six Sigma of the individual. After three weeks training people in Lean Six Sigma, I am amazed on how NLP fit so perfectly as the Lean Six Sigma of the individual, giving us finally tools at the team level to fully support what is done within the business. And yes, it feels really ‘geek’ and sometimes ‘geek’ is so cool!

It’s all about the ‘How’! With NLP we study the ‘how’ we do things. You may not see it this way, but everything we do is based on a set of processes we apply either consciously or unconsciously. In NLP we call these strategies, and yes we have a strategy for everything: buying, motivating ourselves, getting up in the morning, looking after the kids, buying, having fun.

When it comes to strategy, a classical example is driving. Most of us drive a car without thinking in details about all the steps performed. We rely on a process implemented some time ago and trust it. How many other behaviours of ours rely on processes implemented ages ago?

NLP, with its methodology and set of techniques, assists us in re-identifying our processes, review them and improve them. We start with the pre-suppositions to set the frame, leading to the NLP 5 keys of success. First, you need to know your outcome(s). Second you have to take action. Third you should develop sensory acuity, that is an awareness of everything around and inside your mind or your business. Fourth, you should have behaviour flexibility, keeping a focus on your goals with a capability to adapt your behaviours. And last, always operate from a physiology or psychology of excellence.

I often say it, NLP starts with the attitude 🙂 and NLP is that continuous search for excellence, simply the Lean Six Sigma approach to an individual or a team.

My surprise to you? In complement of this article, a very special interview from the NLP in the world interview series on…. NLP, A difference in Six Sigma Project. Yes! Someone else saw it too!

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