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Jakub Mikuś – Poland – NLP, the American Dream or a simple change of beliefs and actions?

NLP in the worldWaouh… quite some time since our last interview with Gordana Kastrapeli from Croatia. Have you ever heard… Time flies! And with this post we fly to Poland today to meet Jakub Mikuś. Jakub is based in Krakow (and yes… I can’t wait to visit the place) and can be found in LinkedIN or followed on Twitter (One of my favourite of all), without forgetting Jakub’s youtube channel and facebook page.

Is NLP only the ‘American Dream’ or much more than that? Of course I have my answer, I am weighting heavily on the much more… Let’s hear what Jakub has for us then <Smile>.

Talking4good (T4g): How did you come into contact with NLP?
Jakub Mikuś: That’s a kind of funny story. My friend’s brother, after working in Great Britain, spent his money on a video-set of NLP training. I saw him laughing while watching this recording. Moreover, I saw loads of changes in his behavior. Not only was he more confident but also his linguistic patterns have changed definitely. This is why I decided to check this out. Next were audio-recordings, books and trainings as well.

T4g: What NLP qualification do you have?
Jakub: I’m an ITA certified NLP Trainer trained by John Grinder, Michael Carroll and Carmen Bostic St Clair. I’m also after doing Coach&Trainer, Master Practitioner and Practitioner courses in Poland.

T4g: Which NLP association would your qualifications be accredited by?
Jakub: My qualifications are accredited by the ITA – International Trainers Academy, a branch of NLP which is connected to John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll. I’ve chosen to learn NLP from the source.

T4g: Have you joined an NLP association?
Jakub: I’m on my way to be associated in ITA and build a Polish NLP Association.

T4g: What do you expect from those various NLP associations?
Jakub: Now we have a fourth generation of NLP in which every trainer is developing his own techniques and attitude. I think that associations should unify programs of techniques which are taught on every Practitioner or Master Practitioner and provide high criteria of joining an association community. It will become certain that every customer will get high quality of training. Those associations should also supervise trainers and organize conferences to exchange experience. What’s more… Maybe they should also initiate research…

T4g: What do you like best in NLP?
Jakub: According to me, it’s vital to be aware of the fact that NLP is a set of techniques which may be used in many ways and many fields, like therapy, coaching, linguistics, sales, customer services, commercials, politics, sports. NLP can be used everywhere, even in everyday situations. For example, when you talk with your beloved, or with a lady in a market or a policeman on the street… In every situation, you may use NLP. Your life can be much easier when you would know what is rapport or calibration. Without forgetting about what you think, what are your values and believes and what are you going to do with them. Sometimes the awareness that you’re “doing NLP” is not necessary. Result is what is needed. When you reach your goals and get out of your comfort zone maybe you can say: “Hey, that’s the results I’ve always wanted”. These are the best moments. That is the essence of NLP <Smile>.

T4g: How is NLP present in your country?
Jakub: The first books about NLP were published in the beginning of nineties. In the next years there was a little outage but now the NLP community in Poland is growing. In book-stores  you can find many books on the shelves connected with NLP, and of course many courses organized as well. Our capital Warsaw is the most popular place for all the trainings. There are three branches of NLP provided in Poland. The most popular is from Richard Bandler. There are about ten trainers certified by this co-creator. I’m connected with the second branch which is made by John Grinder. As far as I’m concerned there are only two trainers in Poland with his certification. The third branch is connecting all the people who are certified by other trainers from all over the world and the people who are teaching NLP on their own. In our country NLP is sometimes linked with the “American Dream” and what is called positive thinking.  In my opinion, the polish market is very specific. On one hand, there are many young, up-and-coming people, who know their value and they are interested in such trainings; on the other hand, you can find loads of people in their 40-60 who have gained so much experience and may develop their own small businesses or try new things when they’re open for changes… which is another item down the line <Smile>. There is a need to adjust the way of thinking to each country. Maybe it’s connected with historic transformation in Poland and memory of communism system. But it’s changing and getting better every year. Oh… you cannot imagine how happy I was to see the new reprints “Turning frogs into Princesses” translated into Polish this year <Big Smile>

T4g: What opportunity do you have to meet with other NLP practitioners?
Jakub: A lot! I have on-line friends from all the trainings I took. Many of my buddies are into NLP too, so there is always a possibility to talk and exchange experiences. In addition, I was an editor-in-chief in one of polish largest e-magazine about self-development. We had thousands of readers and we received great feedbacks.

T4g: What about NLP and research?
Jakub: In almost every magazine you may read an article starting with words: “American scientists proved that…” People are laughing… but maybe the proof is necessary for people to believe in some things <laugh>. What’s important is to remember that some methods used in NLP are the methods of the best therapists in the world, like Satir, Pearls, Bateson, Erickson. However, it’s hard to say whether psychology works. Which part of psychology? Which psychologist is most effective? Which psychology techniques do work? And with whom? And so on… You see my points? NLP is growing and is now a complex set of techniques. I would actually really like to connect with people who are working on research on each of the NLP technique and be able to make my contribution to that field.

T4g: Any specific NLP research you would like to be involved with?
Jakub: Yeap! For me, the two most interesting domains are controlling states in sports and linguistic structures. I realized that trainers from all over the world are saying that they would take part in such research. Maybe T4G is good place to start? <smile>

T4g: Definitely something to look for <laugh> as a later outcomes. What would be your next step with NLP?
Jakub: To incorporate many professional coaching methods into my trainings. With my friend, who is Certified Ericksonian Coach, we are building a company which provides a wider picture of self-development. Our new training method will be prepared for many types of personalities to learn even faster than before. Also, I am planning to cooperate with one of Poland football clubs to improve sports mental coaching abilities, something I am really interested in.

T4g: A last comment to conclude?
Jakub: Every man is developing during his whole life. The same is valid for everything, technology, NLP. Some people reach their goals. Some people don’t. Some business are growing, some are not. This is why we need to evolve NLP science, to help people getting results. As Will Rogers said: “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” 

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