NLP in the world - Interview Series

Sylvia Kurpanek – USA – Discover Limbic Coaching™…

I am delighted today to present Sylvia Kurpanek. Sylvia is working from US California and she can be contacted on LinkedIn, Facebook or on her site Limbic Coaching™, as well as on the Limbic coaching Facebook page.

Talking4good (T4g): How did you come into contact with NLP?
Sylvia: I heard fantastic things about it. One of my mediation trainers back in Germany, Adrian Schweizer, whose mediations are just impressive, told me that in order to become a good mediator I needed to get trained in NLP so, after reading many books about NLP, I jumped in and went for my first training once in US.

T4g: What NLP qualification do you have?
Sylvia: Master Practitioner. I started training about six years ago.

T4g: Which NLP association would your qualifications be accredited by?
Sylvia: NLPU (Robert Dilts, Judith de Lozier, Suzi Smith)

T4g: Have you joined an NLP association?
Sylvia: No

T4g: What do you like best in NLP?
Sylvia: Where should I start? I really like the flexibility NLP offers, Metamodel, Reframing, Perceptual positions, Submodality changes.

T4g: What are you focusing with NLP at the moment?
Sylvia: Coaching sessions with clients.

T4g: You created a coaching approach called Limbic Coaching™. Can you tell us more?
Sylvia: Limbic Coaching™ uniquely combines several elements: 1. bilateral brain hemisphere stimulation ( “Awake REM” as well as the bilateral auditory and tactile stimuli). 2. muscle feedback, ( muscle feedbacks is a muscle response test that’s carried out according to a particular protocol to detect the client’s stress triggers and their roots as well as to evaluate the procedure’s effectiveness). 3. some elements from NLP (submodality work, reframing, time line, and more) and solution-focused communication. All this is probably best described in a webinar I once gave on Limbic Coaching: webimar on my site

T4g: How is NLP present in US?
Sylvia: In the coaching world, not much. I’m still surprised how many coaches in the US have never even heard about NLP.

T4g: What opportunity do you have to meet with other NLP practitioners?
Sylvia: Monthly meeting with other practitioners in the San Francisco Bay area called NLP Café.

T4g: What about NLP and research?
Sylvia: I have no contacts so far, but I would be very interested in research, particularly around the effectiveness of NLP in mental preparation for peak performance or the effectiveness of NLP in overcoming phobias compared to other approaches

T4g: What would be your next step with NLP?
Sylvia: Getting certified as a trainer to gain additional NLP training. However, I’m not interested in teaching NLP classes myself. I’m more interested in teaching classes in methods that I’ve developed such as Limbic Coaching™, and watch out… the first certification classes are now happening in US, Germany, Spain, and UK. <Smile>

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