Oups... Are you serious?


Image from daviddai1115.wordpress.com
Image from daviddai1115.wordpress.com

I wake up this morning, strings on my hands, strings on my knees
I had dreamt I was in control of my life, I had dreamt I could decide what to become and what to do… What if all this was truly a dream? What… if we were only puppets… something pulling the strings as we move along going left, or right, sometimes back, doing as we are told… just a puppet with no attitude. Look at it this way… we were told to be born, we were told to go to school, sometimes we were told to get a degree… we may even have been told what degree to get to be sure to get a job, and we have all been told to grow up becoming responsible, sensible, and boring… And yes! I don’t get what these three are to go together, but that’s another story…
A puppet?… I had a few as a child, I also had a passion, words, the written and the spoken words. I had a passion but no vision, and in the theatre of my life, nobody had a vision for me. It was too far a stretch in an unsafe land so I let it happen. I kept everybody safe and became that puppet.
I dropped the attitude as my hands dropped…
Honestly, have you ever try to be a puppet with attitude? Look! You move your arm, your leg move… you bend your arm, your leg bend. And if you try to get some attitude… you’re bound to become an entangled thing on stage!
Though… I have news for you… The attitude is still there. It’s hiding, putting strain on the strings…
Watch out! One day that string will break, and just like that you discover your head can move freely looking around, and just like that your hand can stretch to the sky, moving freely. It’s only one move further to take scissors and cut the remaining strings. And just like that… you become a ‘puppattitude’ – a free puppet with attitude and a smile on your face.
The theatre of your life is still the same. You have only one tiny problem… there are no more strings to pull you forward, just a drumming sound you hear in the background, like a beating heart. That’s your passions. That’s all the passions you had as kid and the ones you picked up growing there. There’re still there in your heart, and no strings will stop you from following them. They can be anything, cooking, trekking, enjoying time with your family, looking for that job you have always dreamt off.
You see there is that huge misconception that passions should storm your world out. Of course not, they just need to rock your mind! And these passions they do not age, and when you follow them you do not age the same.
When you wake up out of that dream, listen for that beat in your heart, you will know… live the puppet behind and get kicking with your ‘puppattitude’.

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