NLP in the world - Interview Series

Tijl Deconynck – Belgium – Let’s create…

Today, let’s give a big welcome to Tijl. Tijl works in Belgium, starting his own practice, and can be contacted on his site ‘Natural Flow Coaching‘, as well as on LinkedIn or Facebook. TIjl publishes regularly on his blog, so check it out.

Talking4good (T4g): How did you come into contact with NLP?
Tijl:  I have always been looking for the special things in life and exceptional skills. And one day as I was watching the tv series “Hustle”, I saw a skill that I really liked: “Cold reading“. Curious I researched the subject and came across Derren Brown, and one of his interviews where he mentioned he learned a lot from NLP… and that’s how I first learned about NLP <smile>. Since then I’ve bought many books about NLP and searched the internet for every bit of video or audio available, at the same times looking for a good opportunity to train. I finally found one, two years later and did my Prac and Master Prac one after another .

T4g: Which NLP association would your qualifications be accredited by?
Tijl: My certification is accredited by “The society of Neurolinguistic programming “

T4g: Have you joined an NLP association?
Tijl: No

T4g: What do you like best in NLP?
TIjl: Ah… <Smile> I can’t point out only one thing that I love about NLP. NLP is the combination of a playful, exploring and engineering attitude together with the easy to learn system it provides. NLP filed is like a candy store for the little kid in mind that I am <Laughs>

T4g: So tell us about your focus with NLP?
Tijl:  At the moment I use NLP to enhance my solicitation skills to get the job I want; at the same times building my own coaching practise.

T4g: How is NLP present in your country?
Tijl: It’s not yet well known in Belgium and there are not that many opportunities to participate in practise groups however some NLP groups set up recently help a lot. I found a meet-up NLP group in Brussels and also practise some evenings with the company I trained with. Where I trained I can meet with people that are already in NLP and some that are interested in NLP, a good combination.

T4g: What about NLP and research?
Tijl: Yes research has a role to play.

T4g: Any specific NLP research you would like to be involved with?
Tijl: Modelling for sure.

T4g: What would be your next step with NLP?
TIjl: Getting my practice up and running, you know the usual… making a living from my coaching.

T4g: A last comment to conclude?
Tijl: Keep it simple and most of all… Have fun! <Smile>

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