Oups... Are you serious?

My voice will go with you

My voice will go with you, The teaching tales of Milton E. Erickson, by Sidney Rosen.

There is more than a thin line between NLP and hypnosis, they are really two approaches going hand-in-hand, in fact NLP does use some hypnosis, and Milton Erickson, like Virgina Satir was modelled by Bandler and Grinder (Patterns of the hypnotic techniques of Milton Erickson -another great read in your basket, very detailed and precised), leading to the creation of the Milton-Model.
Maybe the best way to present this book is simply to quote the first few lines of the foreword by Lynn Hoffman, ‘Milton Erickson’s teaching tales -the stories he told his patients and the stories he told the pilgrims who came to sit at his feet- are ingenious and enchanting. They are extraordinary examples of the art of persuasion,’ and later on ‘Because of the curious way Erickson stands on the line between healer and poet, scientist and bard, it is difficult to describe his work.’ Milton Erickson was simply a fascinating character. Through his own life story, he discovered that talking to the unconscious mind was more powerful than talking directly to the conscious mind…. but this will need a post of its own… The key point to mention with Milton Erickson is his true belief that ‘change is accomplished most effectively and permanently when the therapist focuses on influencing his patient’s unconscious patterns, which frequently include his values and frames of reference,’ (pg 25). Reading My voice will go with you is like reading a collection of fascinating short stories, full of poetry and at the same time full of teaching. Simply surrender to each story, let your unconscious mind do the trick and you will go for a fantastic journey. But be aware… you will want to repeat the trip over and over.

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